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We help entrepreneurs grow their financials.

Easie Bookkeeping works with Small Business start-ups or entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses. But our larger purpose expands beyond that. We’re here to help entrepreneurs understand how to effectively grow their business, based on hands-on real numbers.


Our team of bookkeepers are experts in various industries. We are Certified Bookkeepers and Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisors. We don't strive to be the biggest bookkeeping firm out there, we strive to make you happy!

Certified Bookkeepers
Our Bookkeepers
Online Pro-Advisors

Our Team makes understanding your financials: simple and stress-free.

I guess you can say we are pros in the bookkeeping industry. We have been working with local small business owners and fine tuning their books for nearly 20 years now. Our staff takes every client seriously and we work hard to make each and every customer happy with the services they receive.

Our clients have stayed with us for many years and our 5 star rating on yelp, google and setmore shows that we are one the best san diego bookkeeping firms out there. We're not bragging, we're just stating the facts. 

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