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You grow your business. 

We'll do your bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is the last thing you want to lose sleep over. With easie bookkeeping you can count on your financials being up-to-date, accurate and finished on time, every time.

Quickbooks Online Bookkeeping

Due to the ease of financial software, many new small business owners are now doing their own bookkeeping but have little knowledge of accounting. But according to the Small Business Administration,“bad accountancy or no accountancy system” could be a prime reason why over 50% of new businesses fail. Don't be a statistic.


Hire a professional bookkeeper today! We have bookkeeping packages starting at only $99 per month.

Hands-On Outsourced Accounting Services 

We don't strive to be the largest bookkeeping firm out there, we strive to be here when you need us most. You will be assigned a bookkeeper that knows you, your business and your financials. Your personal bookkeeper will be familiar with your industry and will be your point of contact for any questions that you have along the way. There will never be long waits on the phone, or re-routing through various departments. That's easie bookkeeping.


Financials are very personal and private matters that we believe should stay that way, which is why we do everything in-house. This contributes to proper security measures to allow your financials, to stay that way, YOUR financials.

Quickbooks Online Bookkeeper

Meet your bookkeeper.

A dedicated bookkeeper who handles your QuickBooks Online bookkeeping:

  • Keeps your books accurate 

  • Monitor the health of your business by providing reports for your review.

  • Gets you ready for tax time 

Error-Free Financial Reports

Quickbooks Online Reports


Each month your bookkeeper will

email your companies financials

and any questions they have. After providing the details, we can provide error-free financial statements. 

Affordable Monthly Bookkeeping

Starting at only $99 / mo.

Don't dodge your business financials because you think an outsourced bookkeeper will cost too much. We have packages that fit your needs and your budget. 


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"This is well worth the money spent! Easie went above and beyond to help me get my books in order."


"Always professional, organized, prompt and affordable. I wish I would have gone to them sooner!"


"Krista is wonderful. She fixed the errors of another bookkeeper quickly and alleviated a ton of stress. I'm so glad l found this company!"

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