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How to get started with Easie Bookkeeping​

Easie Bookkeeping provides each of its clients with a dedicated online bookkeeper. Your bookkeeper knows your business and your financials like a pro should. You will be able to contact your bookkeeper via email or by calling and texting them directly. It's easy to get started:

Meet your

Schedule a phone meeting with your bookkeeper and they will help you choose a bookkeeping package that is perfect for your business.

Quickooks Invite
& Account Access

 "Invite Accountant User"

Click here for instructions and contact your bank to get a "view only" access login for your new bookkeeper.


Send your bookkeeper, "View Only" access to all Bank Accounts, Credit Cards or Loans. You will need to set this up on your bank website.

That's it, then you can sit back, relax and wait to see the numbers produce accurate financial statements.

It's that "easie!"

Is Easie Bookkeeping the right choice?​


​Easie Bookkeeping is the perfect financial accounting solution for small businesses or local start-up businesses. Typically with (10 employees or less)


We specialize in service based small businesses but are familiar with multiple industries.


Easie Bookkeepers will complete all bookkeeping offsite but will be able to access your bookkeeping remotely through Quickbooks Online and other applications to streamline the bookkeeping process.

Is Easie Bookkeeping Affordable?


Monthly bookkeeping pricing starts at $99/month. All pricing is based on how frequently you will need bookkeeping completed and what type of services you need. We can always customize a package based on your needs and your budget, so you call the shots!

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