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Shop Local Small Businesses: San Diego Bookkeepers vs. Large Bookkeeping Firms

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

With the recent virtual 1-click craze or Amazon, Alibaba and Etsy, many businesses want things shipped to their door. The person to person contact is getting rarer and rarer.

There are many great advantages to deciding to “shop local.” By supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesses. Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms.

For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community.

Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per

dollar of sales to the community in which they operate than chain competitors.

Small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all

new jobs over the past 17 years.

In addition to helping build the local economy, there are also notable intangible benefits that come from supporting businesses in your local community. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about you and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future. Did you know that local businesses are more accountable to their communities and donate more money to non-profits?

Shop Local Small Businesses: San Diego Bookkeepers vs. Large Bookkeeping Firms
Shop Local Small Businesses: San Diego Bookkeepers vs. Large Bookkeeping Firms

Find a local San Diego Bookkeeper. Hiring large bookkeeping firms that have "robotic bookkeepers" answering chat messages or bookkeepers that are outsourced from overseas can cause many problems for small business owners. Wouldn't it be nice to speak and email a personal bookkeeper directly that knows you and your business? All while supporting your local community?

Businesses such as Easie Bookkeeping "shops local". They support startup and small local businesses by providing hands-on financial services. They hire all local admin, subcontractors, and certified bookkeepers. Easy Bookkeeping is a local bookkeeping service in San Diego, Ca. that offers affordable monthly, bi-monthly and weekly packages that help their local clients and many times use their client's services. We need more businesses like them in San Diego.

So the next time you need to run out for some groceries or do a little shopping, don't shop on Amazon, shop at your local farmers market or mall. See what they have to offer!  You could discover some great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you.

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