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Gave up on DIY Bookkeeping? Should you hire an employee or outsource to a local bookkeeper?

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

So you have finally given up on doing your own bookkeeping and your new years resolution is to have someone else take care of it. Who do you hire? An employee or an outsourced bookkeeping company?

Over 40% of San Diego's most significant businesses improve their profitability using outside service providers for their financial bookkeeping. Firms are discovering that moving part or all of their QuickBooks Online bookkeeping and accounting functions to professional outside providers saves costs while freeing up expenses for paying employees, taxes and health insurance. Time spent on bookkeeping problems adds little or no value to your customer relationship or business growth. To remain competitive, it is imperative that a company rethinks its strategies, takes a hard look at where they need to cutback or improve, then focus on those processes.

 DIY Bookkeeping | Local Bookkeeper | Bookkeeping Services Near Me
DIY Bookkeeping | Local Bookkeeper | Bookkeeping Services Near Me

Completing these tasks on their own, might save your company $500 a month, a figure that is incomparable to the revenue you could be making.


Ever heard the saying, "You have to spend money to make money"? You'll soon figure out how true this is in business. It's impossible not to get the expense bug and cut costs to their fullest extent, but growth is also impossible without some investment. You could save money by completing your monthly bookkeeping tasks, but what areas of focus does this take away from? In turn, an outsourced San Diego bookkeeper is more cost-efficient than hiring an employee or doing bookkeeping yourself.

Tax Break:

You'll escape a sizeable tax bill by outsourcing. How about benefits? Yeah, those aren't cheap either.

Enhanced Operations:

By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you'll get to focus on your strengths. What does this bring? Revenue growth around all aspects of your business. Whether it be sales or product invention, the reason you entered this business will flourish. This additional time can quickly bring extensive growth to your revenue.

Quality Feedback:

Having a professional QuickBooks online bookkeeper prepare your financial statements will provide access to accurate information and quality feedback. Your bookkeeper will see the daily transactions of your company, allowing them to provide valuable insights you may not have considered. They can help advise you of any tax saving tips and help you budget for a strong cash flow.


You're able to hire a bookkeeper for the hours needed. Is your business just starting out, only requiring 6-8 hours a month on bookkeeping? Hiring a qualified employee for that time frame is difficult. Outsourced Online bookkeepers handle a portfolio of companies, allowing them to complete your financials at an affordable price. You get a professional San Diego bookkeeper at a lower price than an employee, what's preventing you from outsourcing?

Easie Bookkeeping makes your life easier. We have a qualified San Diego Bookkeeper that will focus on your financials. We provide outsourced Bookkeeping services to San Diego Small Businesses starting at only $99 per month. Our goal is to provide professional, affordable, and timely accounting services to small and medium businesses while adhering to high standards of quality and integrity.

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